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The business lawyers of Lantz Law Group in Evergreen understand the opportunities and obstacles every business owner faces — both domestically and internationally. Our business law services help clients, including:

Startups seeking solid foundations

Established entities planning U.S. expansion

Entrepreneurs seeking dispute resolution

Our legal team will represent and support your business’s best interests at any stage. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss how our services can help your business achieve its full potential.


Why Hire the Lantz Law Group?

When you work with Lantz Law Group, you benefit from our team’s specialized knowledge and track record of success. You don’t just get an attorney who will work hard for your business — you gain a strategic partner who wants to help you succeed. You’ll receive a customized legal solution tailored to the unique needs of your business and designed to support your goals.

About Lantz Law Group

Lantz Law Group is located in Evergreen, Colorado, but proudly serves clients across the globe who are looking to establish a business presence in the United States.


Meet Our Team

The Evergreen business lawyers of Lantz Law Group specialize in business law with decades of combined experience, and we put those years of practice to work for you wherever you need it. Our decorated team of legal professionals excels in getting results and going above and beyond for clients.

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Success Stories

Our happiest clients rely on our in-depth legal knowledge, experience, and strong commitment to getting the results they need. See our success stories with clients such as:

Vortic Watch Company


Rob is an excellent attorney, who is well-versed in bankruptcy and litigation.

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Our Practice Areas

Complex Commercial Litigation

Protecting your interests may require going to court. If it does, our team is experienced in litigating breaches of contract, trademark, and intellectual property disputes, creditor’s rights in bankruptcies, and other commercial disputes.

International Business Law

Conducting business across borders requires a global perspective and a strategic mindset. Our Evergreen business lawyers advise international clients on matters related to commercial contracts, distributorships, company acquisitions, sales, commercial leases, executive employment agreements, regulatory compliance, trademarks, dispute resolution, and more.

Business Transactions

From operations to growth, we’ll counsel you on business dealings to keep your company running smoothly. We can assist with mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity transactions, joint venture structuring, licensing agreements, and other transactional matters.

Commercial Contracts

Even the most minor oversight in a contract can leave money on the table or create trouble for your business. Our Evergreen business lawyers handle many types of business contracts and are prepared to draft, review, negotiate, and litigate contracts on your behalf.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual assets are some of your most valuable property. We’ll protect what’s yours and maximize the value of your IP with proper licensing, enforcement, and due diligence.

Business Formation

Bringing the vision of your business to life is a huge undertaking with many potential pitfalls. Our team will help your business with entity selection and structuring, contract drafting, tax planning, and more.


If you’re considering franchising, you’ll need a sound strategic plan compliant with all the applicable regulations. Our attorneys can help draft your franchise agreement, prepare disclosure documents, and litigate disputes to minimize risk.

General Counsel

Business law issues can take many shapes and sizes. Whatever your needs, Lantz Law Group will provide guidance based on our years of experience. We’ve helped companies around the world achieve success in the United States.

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Evergreen Business Law FAQs

What does a business lawyer do?

A business lawyer has specialized knowledge of U.S. commercial, corporate, and business law. They can apply this knowledge to help entrepreneurs and business owners in many aspects of operations, reducing legal risk, and helping them meet their goals to grow. When you work with a Evergreen business lawyer, you get the assurance that your legal matters are in good hands so you can focus on what matters — running your business.

How hard is it to set up a U.S. subsidiary?

Several factors come into play which can complicate the process of expanding your business to the United States. Choosing the proper business structure and forming the entity in a state with more favorable corporation laws can smooth the process considerably and get you on track to starting business on American soil sooner.

What legal structure is best for my business?

Your U.S. subsidiary will likely take the form of a corporation or a limited liability company. The best structure will depend on the size and type of your business, how many owners are involved, and liability and tax considerations. The Evergreen business lawyers of Lantz Law Group can walk you through your options and recommend the appropriate structure for your business based on your needs and ambitions.

How do I enforce my intellectual property rights?

Protecting your IP rights begins with registration with the appropriate agency and monitoring the market for any signs of infringement. If you identify an infringement, consult an attorney to decide the best next steps. We may send a cease-and-desist letter, pursue the matter in court, or seek alternative dispute resolution if the infringer does not cooperate.

Are business disputes always handled in court?

No, protecting your business’s best interests may not require going to court. While our Evergreen business lawyers are highly practiced in commercial litigation, we are also skilled in alternative dispute resolution including mediation, negotiation, and arbitration. We will consider factors such as your desired outcome, cost, and how long it might take to resolve the matter when deciding the best way to handle your dispute.

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No matter where you are in the business life cycle, you could benefit from the services of a business lawyer who will address your needs efficiently and deliver excellent results.

Lantz Law Group creates tailored legal solutions that transcend borders in many areas of commercial, corporate, and business law. Reach out today to learn more about how your business can benefit from our experience, insight, and dedication.

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