Engaging in international business can open your company to lucrative new markets and incredible growth potential. However, engaging in foreign markets takes preparation and support to ensure your business is operating within the law and not exposing your business to potential and real threats in the international marketplace.

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International Businesses Law in Colorado

Colorado is becoming an international hub for business. Business law is a complicated and broad practice area. It has features and focuses similar to domestic business, but some aspects differ. Some of the main areas include:

International and Cross-Border Transactions

All countries have trade agreements and procedures governing how companies can engage in business across borders or in their markets. While sometimes these facilitate trade and are often nuanced, these trade agreements and procedures can also adversely impact companies if they are not attended to or complied with.

International Trade

When dealing with exports and imports, companies must be aware of procedures and costs. Companies often must complete customs forms or pay duties, taxes, or fees. Some markets may require you to quarantine your goods for a certain time. Unique markets require unique approaches.

Foreign Investments

Foreign market interests can offer local markets fresh investments, but some parties are concerned about safety and protections. Companies often have to deal with the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States if they wish to invest in US markets. The committee can block, modify, or unwind deals. It has other methods of mitigation, so working with an attorney can ensure accuracy and transparency.

International IP Protection & Enforcement

Intellectual property, or “creations of the mind,” can be unique to you, your company, or your brand. If you have a registered trademark, you are protecting the use of a symbol, sign, logo, product, or name in commercial use. If you’re engaging in international business, foreign competitors can infringe on your IP rights. An international business lawyer can help you take action against infringement and prevent losses.

International Services We Offer

Based in Denver, the Lantz Law Group offers a variety of international business services.

We can help you:

  • Draft trade agreements with foreign companies
  • Perform due diligence for potential investors or investments
  • Mitigate risk with foreign trade partners
  • Navigate possible embargoes
  • Work through customs or other processes dealing with international trade

How an International Business Lawyer in Colorado Can Help You

Working with an international business lawyer is one of the best options to grow and protect your business, especially if you plan on working in multiple markets. Hiring an experienced international business lawyer can help you keep an eye on the intricacies involved in markets you might not know about. A qualified attorney can help you with business needs like:

International Payments

Business is comprised of fulfillment of obligations, identifying opportunities, and addressing threats in the marketplace. Working with a lawyer can help lower risks in the international and local markets to help ensure compliance with international payments. Depending on your company’s goals, you may need help paying fees or duties, making timely transfers, or completing transactions in foreign markets. We can help identify and navigate trade agreements, treaties, or other laws.

Litigation & Arbitration

Even with help from a business attorney, you may find yourself in a courtroom. Experienced representation matters and can make all the difference in a case. Litigation and arbitration doesn’t always work the same abroad as it does in the United States. A business attorney that is experienced in international law can help you devise strategies, whether you’re a plaintiff or defendant.

International Business Law FAQs

International business law has several aspects that can be confusing. Some commonly asked questions include:

Are there government programs to help with international trade?

The US government provides resources for anyone seeking to engage in international business. You can contact the Trade Information Center with the Department of Commerce to find export resources. There are directories to help find export solutions or other information related to international trade.

How do I find more information about potential taxes?

The International Trade Administration is a useful resource to help you find and calculate tariffs, duties, and taxes. The administration provides access to trade databases. We also work with other lawyers and accountants locally and in other countries and jurisdictions to help you connect to other resources outside of the United States.

Why should I hire an international business lawyer?

International trade is complicated. Simply misfiling of documents or using inaccurate information, among other missteps, can lead to serious consequences. Working with a skilled international business lawyer who is local in Denver helps protect your business on inbound transactions and can facilitate connections in other jurisdictions.

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Engaging in foreign trade is a reality for most companies these days. Once you have a website, you are, in effect, engaging the world. It is crucial for local companies to engage with attorneys who are familiar with the world marketplace. For foreign businesses needing help in Colorado it is also critical you engage with international lawyers who know Colorado and U.S. laws which will impact your business.

Working with the Lantz Law Group can help your international business meet obligations, so you can use your resources to discover and exploit opportunities in the marketplace. Our business lawyers can help you recognize, identify, and address threats to your international business.

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